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2015-16 Early Bird Snowboard Course Discounts

Book your 2015-16 Pro Ride Course now and take advantage of our early bird discounts on all 4- 12 Week Courses.  Offer valid for freeride, freestyle and snowboard instructor courses between December 2015 - April 2016. 

Snowboard Courses
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4 week - $200 off

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Note: discount is not vaild with any other Pro Ride offer or discount

Spotlight on Coach Lisa Corcoran

This month's spotlight is on Lisa Corcoran, Pro Ride Coach and owner of Treeline Summer Camps.  Lisa has been riding with Pro Ride for 8 years now and is a super fun and not to forget amazing all-around female rider.  With qualifications including CASI Level 3 & Park instructor, Level 1, 2 & Park Evaluator, CSF Comp-Dev Coach, NCCP B and AST 1, we are lucky to have her on the team.  

As Lisa gears up to a busy summer riding and coaching on the glacier we got together with her for a little Q & A.  

Q.  Who and what inspired you to start snowboarding?

There were very few snowboarders around when I started.  You would be lucky to see more than 3 on the hill at any one time and I thought it looked fun.  That was my inspiration.   

Q.  What’s your favorite go-to trick that always puts a smile on your face?

Shifty back 180

End of Season '14 / '15

Wow, what an end to our '14 / '15 season here in Whistler for the Pro Ride family of campers.

March graced us with more snowfall than either January or February, which meant one thing - 6am wakeup calls for ‘Fresh Tracks’ up the hill. Then came April, and just when we thought it was time for t-shirt weather and spring sessions in the park, the heavens opened with almost 40 inches of snow, with fresh snowfall even below mid mountain. Those of us lucky enough to still be in town, kicked right back into free-ride mode and rode some jaw-dropping lines, with knee-deep powder in some spots from the Saddle bowl to Flute bowl and all the way across to Blackcomb glacier. April 11th , hanging out in Sushi Village for our annual coaches’ wrap-up party, the snow was dumping right outside us in the village – pretty incredible given the sometimes lackluster snowfall of previous months.

Camper Anny, and her snow beard.

February First Tracks 2015

With a 6.30am roll-call for our eager campers last sunday, we were first in queue for Whistler's famous First Tracks Experience. The lure of watching the sun rise over on top of Whistler, a buffet breakfast and VIP fresh tracks across the hill had our group more stoked than usual - if that's even possible.


By 7.30am we were out of the gondola and feasting on plates of bacon, sausages, eggs, potatoes, french toast, fruit, granola, and muffins. Most of us enjoyed second plates, honestly you'd think we'd never seen food before such was our delight, the fruit loops in particular being a huge hit.
We barely had time for a cup of tea by the time the bells were ringing and it was time to strap in. It was super exciting to hear the patrollers set the bombs off up in the higher Alpine, and we knew it was going to be a good day. A storm had closed off much of the higher elevated runs over the previous days, so anticipation was high that today was going to be the powder day we'd all been waiting for!


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