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First Whistler Alpine Snowfall

It's September 22nd and we are seeing our first snowfalls in Whistler up at the Round House and surrounding peaks.  Time to get excited for the winter, Whistler and Blackcomb mountains officially open November 28th 2013.  

It's teaser time!

The signs of winter are starting to appear. There are leafs falling off of trees, brisk air nipping at you nose, and of course an endless stream of teasers hitting the interweb.
Here are a few note worthy teaser to get your snowboard taste buds tingling.


With such a heavy hitting team, and a lagacey that goes on for miles Nike's Never Not is a must see.


Whistler Blackcomb has posted it's first installment in their "Wonder Reels" series, gearing up for winter. We really didn't need another teas for the coming winter season. The filming and timlaps' are awesome, this video is worth the watch... You'll be wanting to put on your snow gear after this, so make sure your at home. The good people at Whistler Blackcomb were even nice enought to do a snowboard friendly version of the video to go along with the ski one.



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