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Pro Ride News

Pro Ride jump day


Pro Ride Snowboard Camps ventured out into the Whistler Blackcomb backcountry last Tuesday for another one of our epic jump days. Coaches and Campers gathered in Whistler village during the early hours of the morning, all geared up and ready for a full day out on the hill. As soon as Seventh Heaven opened up, these guys were ready in line to go and pick the perfect spot to spend the day.

Mt. Baker road trip with Pro Ride


4am doesn't seem so early whe you're getting up to go to legendary Mt. Baker, durning a large storm cycle. The Pro Ride crew made the pillgramage to Baker and hit it at the perfect time.
Check out the video to see all the pow smashing good times south of the boarder.

Backcountry Snowboarding Whistler

2 Spaces left on the backcountry camp starting March 15th.  

This season at Pro Ride we are be running our first snowboard backcountry specific training camp for those riders looking to start experiencing the Whistler backcountry and advance their already present skill set.

The program will take you through 5 days of backcountry specific coaching with Pro Ride’s top coaches, followed by a 2.5-day AST (avalanche skills training) level 1 course and an earn your turns backcountry day trip. Upon completion of the AST level 1 you will also have the option of going cat boarding, heli boarding or both. 

Snowboard Trampolining Training at Bounce with Pro Ride


Another amzing trampoline training session at Pro Ride Snowboard Camps.  

Pro Ride run trampoline training session at Bounce during the season and are included for all 4-12 weeks courses with all 1 & 2 week campers encouraged and welcome to attend too.  Trampoline training is a great way to learn air awareness, grabs, flips and spins in a safe environment ready to take those new skills back on snow.  Bounce also provides strap-on foam snowboards to give a realistic sense of what tricks will feel like once they have a snowboard attached to their feet.

Pro Ride - Mid February Camp Pow Week.


The past week has brought over 100cm of the fresh stuff, and sunny afternoons to make for perfect days. Here's a quick look at some pow getting smashed. And it's not over yet, there's more in the way!

Pro Ride Campers Pass CASI Level 2 Exams

A big congratulations to Pro Ride Campers Lisa Shirlaw, Alison Cohen and Bianca Brewer who all passed their Level 2 CASI snowboard instructor exams this week. The level 2 exam is a big step up from the introductory Level 1 so it's great to see all that hard work and training pay off.  

The CASI Level 2 certification gives campers the skills to teach intermediate to advanced riders snowboard lessons. 

Pro Ride Level 2 training focuses on developing advanced riding skills and learning to analyze and improve your students using a skill-based teaching strategy.  To pass this exam campers must demonstrate a high level of class communication, technical analysis and group management skills to pass.  

Katie Tsuyuki makes it into the Women's Halfpipe Semifinals in Sochi

Pro Ride guest coaches Katie Tsuyuki and Crispin Lipscomb both competed in halfpipe for the Canadian Snowboard Team at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics this week.

100% pass rate once again - Congratulations Pro Ride campers!

They did it again! All Pro Ride campers who sat their CASI Level 1 Instructor exam this weekend passed with flying colours. Congratulations to campers Ed, Jack, Scott and Tim! These guys all came out to Whistler this season from England and Australia to train for their instructor exam, and will be going home happy with these CASI certifications in hand. You nailed it boys!

Coaches Crispin and Katie make the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

This morning the official announcement was made that both Pro Ride coaches Crispin Lipscomb and Katie Tsuyuki made it into the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, competing in halfpipe for the Canadian snowboard team.

Campers Pass Snowboard Instructor Exams

A big congratulations to Pro Ride Campers Hanna, Adriaan, Tom and Charlie who all passed their snowboard instructor exams last weekend. Look out everyone these guys are going to make some mean instructors.  

CASI (Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors) is the professional snowboard teaching body in Canada.   Pro Ride runs courses starting from 4 weeks all the way through to 12 weeks for those looking to qualify themselves with level 1, 2 and freestyle certifications.  For more information on programs visit our page on 4-12 week snowboard instructor courses


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