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One fine day.

This year February 1st was a Wednesday, but it could have also been the best day of your life...

The Pro Ride crew woke up early in the morning heading for fresh tracks breakfast in the Roundhouse, at the top of the Whistler gondola.

KT, Benny, and Andrew stoked to be uploading at 7:30

At the top of the gondola we were greeted by fresh snow, breath taking views and the promise of sunny skies ahead.

Before any pow smashing could begin, there was a large amount of food that needed taking care of.

Full of anticipation... and breakfast we headed outside to strap in.

Charging down the first run of the day.

The sun rising behind KT, Alistair, and Benny.

KT, Russ, and Louise heading up for another.

After our first few runs the sun made it's entrance.

We even found a little time to lap threw the park. Russ with a rock on the pyramid.

It would be rude not to hike up Flute bowl on such a beautiful day... So that's what we did. Stewart's number 1!

Russell checking out the line down.

North bowl in the fading light.

Russell And Stewart at the top of sunny Flute bowl.

Levi taking the last few steps to North bowl.

Pete making a new friend.

Pete's pumped... or tired.



Best day of my life! 
               -Peter Fusella