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Spotlight on Coach Alan Gautier

For Pro Ride coach Alan Gautier, there's nothing like a Whistler powder day to get your stoke on.  Alan is one of the most amped riders in Whistler and loves to ride with the crew on what has been named "Friday Funday" camp sessions.  We asked Alan to answer some questions so you can get to know him a little better.  

Q.  If you could change one thing in snowboard design, what would it be?

I'd bring back the good old step-in bindings. Just kidding.

Q.  Describe your first day ever snowboarding?

I was almost 9, I had my skiboot on! I could link my turn half way down my first run, I was hooked!!!

Q.  Do you think snowboarding was well represented at the Olympics?

Not really. I think it's good for snowboarding to be there, but it doesn't represent what it is all about

Q.  You are known for your creative riding, especially freeriding in the backcountry - who were the main influences on your snowboarding style and career growing up?

All the Whistler kids ha! I didn't have one main rider, the list of names is long: Terje's method, DeMarchi's back 7 on a natural windlip full speed, Dave Downing's double backflip brains off to nowhere....
I watched a lot of videos, so MDP , Standard films, Onboard magazine... And of course my friends, more than anything

Q.  What do you love most about snowboarding?

The feeling of freeness, the float on pow, drop-in/take off/spot your landing and enjoy the flight!
Slashing a skier or two feels awesome too!!!

Q.  What is your favorite run in Whistler?

On each mountain we have one, we call it "classic 2 eggs & bacon", these runs are not on the map... It's left after the third tree to the clear cut, hit the jump then cliff above the cat-track ;-)

Q.  What do you do in the off season?

I pray for more snow next year. As a kid, I used to hope for school & road closure due to heavy snow fall, but it never happened...
More seriously, I build landscape for living, and on time off I ride my mountain bike, my motorbike, float my canoe, boat, wake surf, lot of camping, hiking... I make sure I enjoy my mountains!