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Telus Fest Day 4. Mogul Mayhem

Day 4 of Monster's "The Shred Show" and it's a mogul smashing day.
Or as the weather would have it, a day of avoiding large and rather firm mounds of ice. After the last few days of above zero conditions, todays, sub-zero temperatures turned all things on the mountain rock hard. But the show must go on.

Competitors raced head to head down the icy chutes to the kickers at the bottom. With the harder conditions it's less then inviting to want to launch yourself up into the air. So Monster energy started throwing out cash to all UFD (upside **** down) maneuvers. It's amazing how a few $20's can change the day. And with a hotdog eating competition and beer at the bottom of the course, the day was enjoyed by all who attended. Especially Zack Hale. The young jib prodigy took first place, not telling anyone of his GS background.

Looking down the course.

Method off the bottom jump.

The day's winner, Zack Hale.