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Which Pro Ride Program Should You Choose?

Are you interested in coming to ride at Pro Ride, but just not sure which program you should choose?  We have written up an in-depth explanation of each type of program we offer to help you better understand exactly what it is that we have on offer at Pro Ride.

What is the difference between a clinic, camp and course?

All our 3 major programs provide the same amazing coaching Monday to Friday but are designed to suit every rider whether you are looking for a short program or long term snowboard course with or without accommodations and lift access.


Pro Ride Clinics are our training only programs specifically geared towards people that do not need all the added extras like accommodations or lift passes.  Clinics allow riders the flexibility to be able to book their own specific accommodations for privacy or to share with others travelling together.  It’s also a great program for those riders that live in Whistler locally and already have a seasons pass and season housing.  Each 5 Day clinic runs Monday – Friday and multiple weeks can be booked from 5 days all the way through to 12 weeks.

Training Options: freeride, freestyle, backcountry and instructor (or mix it up with a combination for multiple weeks)


Camps are designed for people looking to take a short break from work or school for either 1 or 2 weeks training.  Each camp offers the same Monday to Friday training but also includes 7or 14 nights’ accommodations (Saturday – Saturday), lift passes and airport transfer.  Book your flight, travel insurance and we'll take care of the rest. 

Training Options: freeride, freestyle, backcountry (or mix it up or multiple weeks)


Courses are the best value for money. They are a more intensely focused program. Course durations range form 4-12 weeks and includes training from Monday – Friday every week, all accommodations, a full seasons pass, airport transfer, trampoline training and many fun added bonuses depending on the length of course.

Training Options: Freeride, Freestyle, Backcountry, Instructor (or mix it up with a combination).

Which clinic, camp or course focus should I choose?

Freestyle Training

Freestyle snowboard training is suitable for those campers that have a good solid base in snowboarding and are looking to get into the snowboard park and ride jumps, rails, jibs and half pipe. Coaches are experienced teaching all levels whether it be jumping for the first time, learning spins or getting ready for a competition.  Training is split into groups of the same ability level and coaches will work with riders on an individual basis to reach your snowboarding goals.  We do video at least once a week and provide evening video analysis sessions to analyze and improve on freestyle skills.  

Freeride Training

Pro Ride's Freeride snowboard training programs are designed to build a riders core skills by learning to carve, explore powder, trees, steeps, jumps & more.  Coaches will push riders to the next level step by step developing skills to be able to ride the whole mountain.  The freeride program is also a great stepping stone to the instructor’s course for those that would like to teach snowboarding in the future. Freeride sessions also include weekly video analysis sessions to help riders progress and improve their snowboarding technique. 

Backcountry Training

Offered over a 2 week period in March the backcountry training includes a week of Pro Ride Freeride training followed by the AST level course.  During the AST course riders learn about: formation of avalanches, factors affecting snow-pack, route finding, safety equipment usage and snow-pack observation and assessment.  The AST level 1 course can be added to any program of 2 weeks or longer.

CASI Instructor Training

Pro Ride’s Instructor training focuses on the attainment of CASI certifications. CASI is well recognized by ski school directors worldwide and allows you to teach almost anywhere in the world.

Instructor training includes much of the same training as the freeride program with an increased focus on riding strength, confidence and teaching skills.  Riders will also have the opportunity to work on freestyle and park skills depending on each individual’s personal goals and course length.  We recommend 4-6 weeks training to complete the level 1 exam, 6-10 week programs will allow riders to further develop freeride and freestyle skills and a course of 12 weeks or longer will give riders the skills necessary to pass the level 2 exam.

To help keep it fun we mix up training so that there is plenty of opportunities to ride powder when the snow is good and ride park when it’s sunny.  The instructor course includes weekly video analysis sessions and is flexible to allow you to mix instructor training with freeride and freestyle based on your personal riding goals. 

We hope that this has helped you decide which course is right for you while also answering any questions and queries you may have. 

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask. We are always available through email, phone or skype.