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Camp 2013-14

Coaches and Past CampersOpeningDayCrewOpening DayOpening Day StokedCoach Lisa StokedFirst Week Pro Ride CrewCoaches First Day of TrainingCamper Josh Hitting a BoxGLC Welcome DrinksWhistler Blackcomb Snowboard Instructors Marc & RaffWhistlerCoach Duncan JumpPro Ride Christmas 1Pro Ride Christmas 2Pro Ride Christmas 3Pro Ride Christmas 4Pro Ride Christmas 5Pro Ride Christmas 6Pro Ride Christmas 7Pro Ride Christmas 8Pro Ride Christmas 9Pro Ride Christmas 10Pro Ride Christmas 11Pro Ride Christmas 12Pro Ride Christmas 13Pro Ride Christmas 14Pro Ride Christmas 15Pro Ride Christmas 16Pro Ride Christmas 17Pro Ride Christmas 18Pro Ride Christmas 19Pro Ride Christmas 20Coach Lisa BoxCamper SabrinaRaff & AviCamper Joellondon phone box stickerBianca on GlacierCamper Eddie BoxHappy World Snowboard DayLisa CorcoranInfinity BoardsCoach Duncan DroppingInfinity Boards in ActionCoach Lisa Stuck to PolejoshSnowboard Trampoline trainingTim BoxTim & BayJoel BoxTanaTana BoxSayumiSabrina boxSamSabrinaSam BoxJoelJoel Skate TricksCharlie diveDaveJoel flippingDave BoxCharlie FlyingCharlieBianca_2Charlie Skateboard over boxSabrina spinBiancaBaylee & SabrinaAdriaanAdriaan & Joel Foam PitTrampoline Training SnowboardingBianca & TimBiancaCharlie & JoelDave Foam PitJoel Foam PitJosh RopeJoshSabrina Foam PitSayumiTana Foam PitTana RopeTana Skate BoardTanaPro Ride CASI Level 1snowboard tail grabSnowboard 50-50 Blackcomb Park Pro Ride Campssnowboard backside shiftysnowboard frontside 180snowboard noseslideblackcomb park2blackcomb parkTravisCamper Aaron Box slideTom BoxAdriaan MethodSabrina Box slidesnowboard park sessionTana RailAaron Snowboard GrabTom Rail Pro Ride Snowboard CampsAlan Pipe slideCharlie boxAdriaan Table top blue parkFreestyle crewBenedikt box terrain gardenAlpine wall slidingPro Ride Crew highest level terrain parkbenedikt boxSabrina park ollieScott Dakine PackLisa BeerCoach Alan Gautier Pro Ridewall ridingpro ride warm up sessionPro Ride Camps Jan 2014Crispin Lipscomb & Katie Tsuyuki olympic boundAaron & CrispinRik Ride board bagCASI Level 1 Pro Ridesnowmobile Trip Whistler - Pro RideSabrinaphoto-sue kimPro Ride Campers 2014powder day WhistlerHikingSpankys ladder whistler2Level 2 CASI Snowboard examGo CrispinCharlie StapletonBianca Pow DaySpankys ladder whistler CanadaBenedikt & Jack Dakine PrizesIMG_4632IMG_4647level 2 Snowboard InstructorsBoard slidingBlackcomb Terrain Garden SessionBenedikt CASI Level 1Pro Ride coach & campers at Mt BakerPro Ride Crew at Mt BakerSabrina & Caren at Mt BakerCoach Tim in the Terrain Garden on BlackcombPro Ride camper Dave on AST Level 1 coursePro Ride camper Roy on AST Level 1 coursePro Ride campers on AST Level 1 courseAdam Vavrik2Freestyle Camper SabrinaWhistler Spring Powder snowboardingjump day foto 44Bianca Brewerjump day foto 50jump day foto 49jump day foto 48jump day foto 47jump day foto 45Caren Jacket Prizejump picCamper Jose Pro Ride Snowboard Campsjump day foto 13Pro Ride campSunny Powder DayBrio house jumpHalf Pipe trainingjump day foto 20AdamAdam Vavrik3Olympic support for coach Crispin LipscombCamper Scott Clementsjump day foto 29Bianca, Sabrina and Rafjump day foto 21Box board slide SabrinaThe camp crewSnowmobiling in Whistler backcountryRide Snowboards picjump day photoFreestyle CampersSnowmobile CrewCamper JayCamper Adam VavrikAdriaanAdriaan upside downSeany PFreestyle Snowboard Camper AdamJump day crew 2Jump Building 101fresh powder landingsCoach Lisa CorcoranCamp photographer Joel BrewerCoach Duncan Mainland 2Camper StefanCamper LewisCoach Tim RussellCamper Jose SolerCoach Duncan Mainlandshaping jumpScott ClementsAdam VavrikPro Ride Jump Day Crew 2014Whistler Olympic RingsPro Ride CampersWhistler Pow DayPro Ride Camper Jose SolerAdrian Jump buildingBest day everBeautiful backcountry DayBackcountry hikingBaker TripBaker Powderbackcountry snowboardingBackcountry AST level 1 Course WhistlerCampers Sabrina and JoelTim TubeTana the Tiger Box slideTim railJump Day January 2014Snowmobile Trip hutjoel_bianca_Raffsnowboard Instructor course training session canadaCross training at Core Climbing FacilityHockey GameDuncan Chest DeepCamp house JumpCamp house jump 2Camper Joel house jumpJoel BrewerCASI Snowboard Certificateblackcomb park2Benedikt boxblackcomb parkPowder DayPowder DiveWhistler Whiski Jackspowder & dropsCamper Scott ClementsCamper Lisa ShirlawCamper LewisCamper JoelCamper JayCamper DanielCamper DanCamper Caren StroteCamper & photog Joel Brewerbuilding a jumpBianca BrewerCamper StefanCoach Duncan Shaping the jumpSnowboarding Trip CanadaJump day 3Jump day 2Jump Day 1jump buildingJose Soler2Hiking Jump dayJump day 5Jump Day 6Happy Times Pro Ride Jump DayFresh SnowCoach Meghan Hebertcoach lisaDuncan MainlandHiking for jump dayAdam VavrikThe trekSnowy MountainsSnowboard BlissSeany PPro Ride Friendspowder jump run inLisa and Crewjump day groupJump Day crew 2014Jump Day Adriaanjump day 9Jump Day 7jump Day 8Powder Jump Day coach LisaWhistler backcountry terrain and jump buildingjump day foto 26jump day foto 8camper AdriaanSabrina and RafAdam VavrikTom Railfreestyle crew2Adriaan Box SlideTana pipe slideTom AirTana SpinCharlie table top spinjump day foto 10skating crewSabrina park ollieSplit BoardPro Ride Backcountry CampPro Ride Backcountry camp fresh powder linespowder hike whistlerplaying hockeyPro Ride Crew highest level terrain parkAdriaan park box slideBenedikt pipe ollieTom Blue table top jumpfreestyle snowboard camp crewSunny snowboard Park daysAaron 50-50 boxWhistler Peak ChairWhistler Backcountry lines Pro Ride CampsSteep backcountry lines Pro Ridesnowboard tail grabsnowboard noseslidesnowboard frontside 180snowboard 50-50snowboard backside shiftyTom Pipe slidePro Ride Snowboard Camps, Whistler CanadaAdrian Jump buildingAaron Table topAdriaanAdam Vavrik2Whistler Village ringsSabrina box 50-50Coach Alanmeagan_sabrina_bayleeJose Spring Pow
Another Great Season Wrapped up. Check out all the fun campers and coaches had including powder, trees, steeps, snowmobiling, trampolining, Mt Baker Trip and Jump Day. See you in 2014-15

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