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Snowboard Trampolining Training at Bounce with Pro Ride


Another amzing trampoline training session at Pro Ride Snowboard Camps.  

Pro Ride run trampoline training session at Bounce during the season and are included for all 4-12 weeks courses with all 1 & 2 week campers encouraged and welcome to attend too.  Trampoline training is a great way to learn air awareness, grabs, flips and spins in a safe environment ready to take those new skills back on snow.  Bounce also provides strap-on foam snowboards to give a realistic sense of what tricks will feel like once they have a snowboard attached to their feet.

Bounce Acrobatics Academy is Whistler's first indoor trampoline park, opening in Function Junction in 2012. The main facilty has twelve fullsize trampolines, padded walls to bounce off, a foam pit to practice tricks in, and instructors ready to teach you how to flip and twist like a pro.  Bounce also features a new training area called bounce 101 where you can train on the custom build super tramp.  The concept was started by two guys who had experienced a similar indoor tramp setup in Blue Mountain in Ontario, and has been a great success here in Whistler so far. Its popularity continues to grow as both athletes and amateurs recognise the benefits that can be gained from trampolining both off and on the snow.

The drop-in fee is $15 and is good for the entire day, so you can come and go as you please. 

Check out Pro Ride camper Joel Brewer's edit of the Bounce trampolining sessions.