Choosing the right snowboard boots

Buying comfortable snowboard boots is so crucial and often overlooked process. The snowboard boots you choose can either make or brake your time on the hill. We have written this guide to give you the knowledge to pick the right snowboarding boots the first time.

Snowboard boots should be a snug fit but they also shouldn’t cause pain. They are going to need several days of riding to truly form to your feet which is why boots should be frim when they are brand new.

Your toes should just be gently touching the toecap and you should be able to wiggle them. Your heel should also be firmly secured by your boot. To test this stand with your feet flat on the ground and your knees bent forward, think about pushing your shins into the front of your boots, when doing this your heel should remain in place.

When going to buy your snowboard boots go somewhere that has a large range of different styles and brands. Everyone is different so being able to have a large selection to choose from will help bring you one step closer to finding the perfect boot. When you have found a pair that feels good, wear them around the shop for at least 30 minutes, if in that time your feet go completely numb these are not the boots for you. New boots will usually be a little uncomfortable to begin but never excruciating.

Boot Flex
Snowboard boots can either be soft or stiff in flex and anywhere in-between. The stiffness of your boot is a personal preference but usually softer boots are recommended for park and beginner snowboarder and stiffer boots for more advanced riders.

Lacing System
Traditional lacing – Shoe Lace style, This lacing system allows you to really personalize the way you do up your boots allowing you to get them as tight or as loose as you want them in the exact spots where you want it.

Quick pull lacing - This system is faster than the traditional lace system and lets you adjust your boots while wearing gloves. Using a pulling system the lace is locked into and secured with a clasp.

Boa lacing - Boa systems use a ratcheting dial attached to a cable. The turning and locking can be done with one hand and also with gloves on. This is the fastest lacing system.

We recommend going 1 to a ½ size down from your normal shoe size. Every boot is different though. A size 10 in Burton may fit like a size 11 in Ride. This is why it is so important to try as many as you can to find the one that is best suited to your foot.

Common mistakes
· Don’t let the sales assistant talk you into buying boots two sizes too small because they will “pack out” all snowboard boots do pack out with time but if you cant feel your foot after five minutes of having them on, how will you be able to do a full day of riding on the hill?
· Buying boots that are too big. Boots should be snug, if you can move your foot around when they are new they will eventually pack out and be too big.

How do I know I have picked the right boots?
· Toes not curled
· No heal lift
· Comfortable, you could easily spend 8 hours wearing them, bare in mind the first few days may be a little uncomfortable

We hope these tips will help you choose the right boots for this upcoming season.

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