CASI Level 2 Exam

The CASI Level 2 Course & Exam explores advanced riding techniques and teaching theory. During training for the Level 2 you will further develop your carving, short radius turns and ability on steeper slopes. You will also practice analyzing and correcting your students' riding.

Tim Hailwood

If you are coming over to Whistler to train in one of our instructor programs and have the desire to obtain your Level 2 certification, please upgrade this on your registration form and we will arrange your exam for you.

Level 2 Exam

What's included with the upgrade:

  • Training by CASI's top examiners
  • CASI progression manual
  • CASI skills online tutorials
  • Exam Fees for CASI Level 2 Certification
  • Instructor preparation sessions on and off the snow

$655 + 5% gst

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