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Whistler B.C. Canada

Whistler Blackcomb, Canada—voted North America's Number 1 resort for the past ten years—will spoil you with its vast array of unreal terrain. Whether it's trees, steeps, huge powder bowls, World Cup half pipes, terrain parks, boardercross tracks, natural wind-lips, or high speed groomers, we have it all. No other mountain offers the beauty and varied terrain of our playground.

Our House, Your Home Away from Home

The Mountains

Located in the Coast mountain range of British Columbia, Whistler averages an annual snowfall of 11.74 metres  (38.5 feet). This tremendous snowfall is largely due to its proximity to the coast, bringing moderate temperatures ideal for big fluffy flakes. Between the two mountains Whistler boasts 3,307 hectares (8,171acres) of terrain, with 200+ marked runs to explore. Pro Ride’s coaches have years of experience exploring these mountains, and can show you secret spots you won't find on any trail map.


The Village

The Whistler Village is as unique as the mountain above it. It is a bustling centre full of people from around the world. Here you will find a community full of creative, energetic people always looking for a good time. Eat at some of the country's best restaurants, take in a show at one of the local pubs, or get your picture taken next to the Olympic rings.


Even in the dead of winter, there are still a few creatures you’ll find up in the mountains.

One of the first critters you’ll run into on the mountain is the ever-friendly Whiskey Jack. These little grey birds can usually be found at the bottom of most of the alpine chair lifts. If you have a bit of cookie left over from lunch, you’ll have a Whiskey Jack eating from your hand in no time.

Most people don’t know how Whistler Mountain, originally London Mountain, got its name. It actually came from the hoary marmot, a bulky ground squirrel found in the high alpine. They make a high pitched whistling noise to warn each other of dangers in the area. They can often be seen sunning themselves during the warmer summer months.

As soon as the weather starts warming up, the bears start to wake up after a long sleep through the winter. They can often been seen under the chair lift in the late spring, eating the fresh grass growing on the ski runs below.