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Whistler Blackcomb Terrain Park

Nintendo Terrain Parks at Whistler Blackcomb 

Whistler Blackcomb has undoubtedly one of the best set of terrain parks consisting of 5 terrain areas of varied levels, Snow Cross Track and Half pipe split over both mountains.  

Terrain Park Stats

Total Number of Parks: 5 (3 on Blackcomb, 2 on Whistler)
Number of Halfpipes: 1 (18’ Zaugg pipe)
Acreage: 99 acres
Total Number of Features: 150+ including 90 rails
Total Number of Jumps: 40+
Number of Park Grooming Cats: 13
The vertical rise of Nintendo Terrain Park on Blackcomb Mountain 310m/1,020 feet top to bottom 


Big Easy Terrain Garden
The big easy terrain garden is designed for entry level park riders with small rails, rollers and mini-hits to give you air but to also stay close to the ground while learning good balance and technique.  

Nintendo Terrain Park
The Nintendo Terrain Park, common referred to as the blue park is 3,480 feet in length and full of intermediate to advanced features.  It’s a good step up and a stepping stone before trying the XL Highest Level Pro Park 

Snow Cross Track
A fast growing Olympic Sport, the Snow Cross track incorporates banked turns, jumps, whoops and rollers providing a year round training ground for advanced riders while also catering to intermediate riders who want to try their hand at this sport.

Highest Level Park
Not for the faint of heart these massive jumps, rails, jibs and spines are built for expert riders. It doesn’t get much bigger than this and Helmets are mandatory in this zone.

These pro level jumps are the training ground for many of the worlds most talented Pro Riders on the Circuit and those aiming for the next Olympics. To see some of the action Cat skinner chair runs directly over the park for spectator viewing, a great place during the world ski and snowboard festival.  

Half Pipe
The Blackcomb half pipe is maintained during the later half of the season with a Zaugg Monster half pipe cutter capable of 18 foot high walls and 22 foot during competitions.  


The School Yard
The School Yard is a Family Certified zone in the Learning Area.   its a place for anyone young and old to ride and learn the skills necessary for safe terrain park riding.

Nintendo Habitiat Terrain Park
This beginner to intermediate area is split into (S-M) for intermediate riders and (M-L) for more advanced features and is best known as the Whistler Park. The park features table tops, hip jumps, boxes, tree jibs, bonks and down rails, rainbow rails of varied sizes and difficulty.  This Park is a great place for riders to progressively improve their skills on each park line. 

Photo: Michael Robinson 

Terrain Park Tips

  1. Always wear a helmet.  Although only mandatory in the XL highest level park and good well-fitting helmet could save you from a serious head injury.   
  2. Take the first run of the day easy and check all take offs and landings as features can change from day to day. 
  3. Look up hill before dropping to make sure there is only one person hitting each feature at any one time.  Shout out, lift your arm or call dropping in to let people know you are going next. 
  4. Ride out and clear any landings as quickly as possible to avoid being landed on by the next rider.
  5. Start with smaller achievable jumps and features and progress to hard ones once you are ready.  

Terrain Parks at Whistler Blackcomb