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First Whistler Alpine Snowfall

It's September 22nd and we are seeing our first snowfalls in Whistler up at the Round House and surrounding peaks.  Time to get excited for the winter, Whistler and Blackcomb mountains officially open November 28th 2013.  

The Pro Ride Crew go Snowmobiling in Whistler Backcountry

Once again it was the time of the year for the Pro Ride campers to go snowmobiling.  The snowmobiling trip is included for all Pro Ride courses between 8 - 12 weeks in length so we all set out on Saturday February 23rd to The Adventure Group office to sign up our waivers and get ready to head out for a day of backcountry snowmobiling.  The drive to Cougar Mountain was just 15 minutes north of Whistler Village but you are really out in the elements passing big lakes and beautiful mountains.   


Whistler Blackcomb has posted it's first installment in their "Wonder Reels" series, gearing up for winter. We really didn't need another teas for the coming winter season. The filming and timlaps' are awesome, this video is worth the watch... You'll be wanting to put on your snow gear after this, so make sure your at home. The good people at Whistler Blackcomb were even nice enought to do a snowboard friendly version of the video to go along with the ski one.



It's storming.

With 93cm of snow over the last week Whistler Blackcomb has now had 6.4m (21ft.) of snow so far this season. It has been a big week for the Pro Ride crew... with all this snow we've had no choice but to smash powder laps everyday!
Everyone is starting to get sore, but we're not ready for a break yet!

Willow eyes up a pillow line as KT looks on.

Chris dropping into a pow landing.

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