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Freestyle Snowboard Camp in Whistler - By Russell Timmins

Camper Rusell Timmins came out for a 6 week Pro Ride Freestyle camp that extended to 10 weeks last season and wrote about his season long exeprience with us in Whistler.  

Russell Timmins - 10 week camper

I had been snowboarding for about 10 ten years, mostly in NZ but had made the trip north to Canada twice before and loved the big mountains and the soft snow.

After a few years I couldn’t find the time to get anywhere near the snow so I decided enough was enough and looked into getting lessons or even better doing a camp. After a quick search on the net I found Pro Ride. Before I knew it I was on a plane flying north and super excited to be heading to whistler again.

Once I arrived in Whistler I was greeted by Karen and taken to the pro ride house and met my new housemates.

Training started on Monday and that’s when the fun really began. I couldn’t believe how good the coaches were, so patient and such good riders. Turns out I arrived at the right time, lots of new snow during my first week which was awesome because it meant jump day on Friday. I had no idea what I was in for but it turned out to be one of the best days of snowboarding I’ve ever had. (I said that a lot during last season.) We all met early and headed up to wait for seventh heaven to open, heading to where the groomers don’t. A couple hours later, two jumps were built and I was jumping off them like a crazy man. After landing on my head in the soft snow a couple of times and realising I couldn’t get hurt, It was on!! No doubt, January jump day was the best!

Things started to get serious after that; I was a man on a mission. I wanted to learn as much as I could as quickly as I could. I pushed myself constantly with the help of the coaches guiding me along with tips and advice on things I would never have learnt riding myself.

Life in the pro ride house was never a dull moment, with people moving in and out every week. Meeting new people and saying goodbye to new friends it was always interesting and a laugh a minute.

Friday nights at cinnamon bear were an experience not to forget, yet for some reason the morning after I always did! The drinks flowed and good times were had every Friday, the best night of the week for sure. Karen and the coaching crew were always there to have a laugh and hear the weeks action stories.

I ended up staying on, snowboarding and hanging out with the pro ride crew for the rest of the winter and all of spring too. Was a great season thanks to everyone involved with pro ride.

Cant wait to see everyone again this season!!

Rusell Timmins

NZ, Season 2012

Photos: Louise Hamstra & facebook