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Jamal Camp Blog 2014/15 - #1

Taking an extended break from work life, Camper Jamal Abbasi, 32 years from the UK is in Whistler on a 12 Week Snowboard instructcor Course having the trip of a life time and shares a little about his trip on Pro Ride in Whistler. 

December - The first 4 weeks

I caught a first glimpse of what Whistler has to offer back in June with Pro Ride coaches Duncan and Lisa on Summer Camp, I fell for both the place and the crew instantly, and grasped the first opportunity to pack up my life for winter in the mountains.  Now a month into a 12-week camp and Whistler is home.

Since arriving my riding has exploded and my face hurts from excessive smiling!
I share the Brio house with 10 other riders of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Everyone gets on famously, and the place is every bit as vibrant and energy-filled as you might expect from super stoked snowboarders.

On the hill, my group has spent this week getting into the Level 2 instructor training (which was postponed slightly due to dump of powder!) All 5 of us nailed our first CASI assessment to the wall last week, so the pow was a welcome reward after three days of being scrutinised on a nursery slope. The 100% pass rate, and the decision to mug off training to seek out fresh lines and sunshine tells you all you need to know about our coaches. We have also had plenty of time smashing park laps. I've talked from the start about taking a rest day, but frankly I’m having way too much fun for that.

So what else have we been up to? Well, in the evenings we’ve been, hitting the gym and the trampoline centre, watching snowboard movies, and doing a fair bit of partying. We have been around the Prior factory and tested out some of their killer pow boards. We’ve had the local 6 year olds humiliate us on the ice hockey rink. We ate a 5 kg turkey on Christmas Eve and then spent most of Christmas day in the white room. Every Tuesday we all get together in the house for a video analysis session, which is both informative and hilarious, as we watch each others’ bails in slow-mo, then head out to the El Furniture Warehouse for $1 tacos. Aussie, Calum is current champ; 20 tacos, in case you were wondering, with our kiwi, The Matrix, holding the women’s title on 13.

The 5 second rule has become a prominent feature of the Pro Ride psyche: Any idea you have e.g. hitting a kicker, chatting up a randomer, jumping into a cold lake – you have 5 seconds to stop thinking about it and just get on with it. It always works out well. Good advice if you are reading this and deliberating over whether or not to come on Pro Ride!

Anyway, it’s late and tomorrow is shred Friday, so I’m signing off…stay tuned.

Blue skies,